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Executive Master of Insurance

In the winter 2007/2008, the Munich School of Management started the degree programme of Executive Master of Insurance for the first time. Developed in close cooperation with the insurance industry, this new programme’s clear line of business-oriented focus on insurance matters is a corollary of Munich being a centre of the insurance business. Nationwide, Munich counts the highest number of employees working in the insurance industry and therefore ranks among the leading centres of this business worldwide.

The course of study within this programme, which is subject to a fee, is spread over three semesters, and is mainly targeted at full time employees. Course contact hours will occupy weekends and single phases of attendance, split into sets of 8 days. Some of the courses are taught in English.

The Executive Master of Insurance’s profile is especially marked by the field of Finance & Accounting at the Munich School of Management. A substantial contribution to the programme is made by the Institute for Risk Management and Insurance (INRIVER), its academic staff and visiting lecturers from the field. For the programme coordination and organisation we were able to bring the training institute of the insurance industry, the Berufsbildungswerk der Versicherungswirtschaft in München e.V., under the direction of LMU alumnus Dr. Herbert Schmidt on board as a business partner with more than 30 years of experience in executive education.

The Executive Master of Insurance is, amongst others, targeted at young professionals who gained at least two years of work experience in the field of insurance following their degree. The course is, on the one hand, designed to provide business and economics graduates with a even more thorough and profound knowledge of the insurance sector. On the other hand it will be suitable for otherwise qualified professionals of diverse backgrounds as well.

The programme brings together the latest research coupled with best accepted management practice and relates these to the needs of today’s insurance business. Its focus lies on topics from insurance studies, from the basic mathematic and economic questions relevant to the insurance industry to the specific regulatory framework. The advanced modules “Institutional Aspects and Business Operations in the Insurance Industry” and issues of “Financial Management & Accounting” are at the core of the programme. The much valued integration of issues relevant to the industry requires a close cooperation between those working in the insurance business and those teaching insurance studies, which accounts for the high involvement of practitioners into conceptual and content-related matters as well as into the teaching.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter, Head of the Institute for Risk Management and Insurance, is the academic director of the Executive Master of Insurance. Moreover, many faculty of the Munich School of Management as well as experienced practitioners and visiting lecturers contribute to the success of this program through their commitment.

For requests and further information please contact Tanja Händler.

Telephone: +49 (0) 89 / 38 39 22-24

(3 ECTS)

Business Administration
(6 ECTS)

Institutional Basics and Business Operations in the Insurance Industry
(12 ECTS)

Financial Management and Accounting I
(6 ECTS)

Financial Management and Accounting II
(12 ECTS)

Market and Regulation
(3 ECTS)

Projects and Applications including Master’s Thesis
(24 ECTS)