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Information Systems & Digital Business

The cluster "Information Systems and Digital Business" deals with the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) by companies and their customers –ranging from social media and big data to the Internet of Things. The focus is on innovative business management concepts, from new pricing models, changing organizational concepts to completely disruptive business models and innovative start-ups in this area. In addition, we also analyze the development and design of the underlying technical solutions as well as the management of the ICT infrastructure of companies. These fields also constitute the focus of the cluster’s research.

The cluster offers a specialization both at Bachelor's and Master's level ("Digital Business"). This specialization addresses both the digital transformation of companies and the creation of new companies (start-ups) focusing on the internet, digital media and ICT. Interest in technical questions is expected, system-related questions such as the development of technical systems are also included.

In addition, the cluster is involved in the interdisciplinary master program of the „Centers for Digital Technologies and Management“ (CDTM) as well as in the master program „Media, Management and Digital Technologies“ (MMT). The cluster also contributes courses to the Bachelor of Business Administration, the MBR program, and interdisciplinary courses to the European Triple Degree in Management.

Due to long-term cooperations, the cluster is intertwined with other disciplines and practice. Particularly noteworthy are the LMU Center for Internet Research and Media Integration, the already mentioned CDTM as a joint venture of LMU and TU Munich, as well as the Internet Business Cluster, a public-private partnership with a focus on digital business in the Munich region.

Currently, the cluster comprises the Institute of Information Systems and New Media (Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess), the Institute for Electronic Commerce and Digital Markets (Prof. Dr. Martin Spann), the professorship for Internet Business and Internet Services (Prof. Dr. Johann Kranz) as well as the Research Center for Information, Organization and Management (Prof. Dr. Arnold Picot).