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Leadership & Human Resources

The Cluster „Leadership and Human Resources“ conducts management research related to successful human capital management, leadership and organization.

Leading companies means leading people. Employees with their knowledge and creativity, but also their motivation and commitment embody the core-competencies necessary for sustainable corporate success. Aside from focusing on research related to leading people, the cluster is also interested in processes, practices and structures related to human capital management and investigates their influence on employee attitudes and behaviors and on corporate success.


For Bachelor students the Cluster offers the ABWL course „People & Organization“, which aims at offering students insights into the human side of organizations. For Master students the cluster offers the course “Basic Topics in Leadership & HR”, which teaches technical basics from the skill set of “Leadership & HR” at the Faculty of Business Administration. Both of these foundational courses are offered in English and are thus accessible to international students. For Bachelor and Master students, the cluster furthermore offers several seminars and lectures relating to multifaceted topics. Those give students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills in specific topics.

The cluster also engages in the PhD program MBR.