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Marketing & Strategy

The „Marketing & Strategy“ cluster concentrates on the generation and transfer of knowledge on how to manage companies. Specifically we are interested in a broad set of strategy- and marketing-related problems at the top of the firm. Key aspects of our research and teaching are scientific rigor, practical relevance and an international focus.

Our research focuses on current issues in market management and communication management, strategic success factors, consumer insights, stakeholder-, product- and service management as well as on questions concerning strategic leadership, corporate governance, and international management. Besides fundamental research, we conduct empirical studies that are either exploratory or inductive.

For Bachelor students, the cluster offers the introductory courses “Unternehmensführung & Marketing” and “Organization Theory” (the latter in co-operation with the cluster “Leadership and Human Resources”) as well as the ABWL course “International Management”. For Master students, the cluster offers the module “Convincing Stakeholders”. In addition, the cluster provides a broad range of courses and seminars on specific marketing- and/or strategy-related topics on Bachelor and Master level.

In our courses and seminars, we present an overview of instruments that are helpful for the analysis of firms and markets and discuss in-depth the development and implementation of sustainable strategies. Students learn how to analyze data with statistical methods, how to interpret empirical results and critically reflect the implications derived.

With respect to our students we much appreciate their interest in getting actively involved in the learning process.